Pasajes 2014

About Pasajes

Veronica Maguire co-founded Alma de España Flamenco Dance Company and School with her husband Harry Owen in 1991. In 2011 Veronica staged a full scale concert Recuerdos as a tribute to Harry who had passed away in 2010.  On July 12, 2014 Veronica once again took to the stage with a 5 star line-up of international Flamenco artists and many local performers. This latest endeavour Pasajes picks up Veronica’s story where Recuerdos left off and marks the culmination of the Victoria Flamenco Project, a 3 year series of workshops, international collaboration, and preview events. It is a journey through the music and dance that score our lives revealing the moments of change that we encounter, sometimes with the support of others and sometimes through much internal struggle. Pasajes is at once, Veronica’s personal story and at the same time a comment on the human experience of life, death, and rebirth. Dancers Domingo Ortega and María Bermúdez, as well as guitarist Jesús Álvarez, are among the guest artists coming direct from Spain for this Flamenco extravaganza. Canadian artists include Gareth Owen (flamenco guitarist), JoAnn Dalisay (pianist/composer), Garth Martens (poet), and more! A Canada Council for the Arts representative was on hand at the evening performance to officially present Veronica Maguire with the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize in recognition of her contribution to dance in Canada.


Veronica Maguire – Flamenco Dancer/Choreographer

Domingo Ortega – Flamenco Dancer/Choreographer

Maria Bermudez – Flamenco Dancer/Choreographer

Miguel Rosendo – Flamenco Singer

Coral de los Reyes – Flamenco Singer

Luis de la Tota – Flamenco Percussionist

Jesus Alvarez – Flamenco Guitarist

Gareth Owen – Flamenco Guitarist

Garth Martens – Poet

Jo Ann C. Dalisay – Pianist

Mieka Michaux – Violist

Pasajes corps dancers – Erin Belcourt, Carolyn Crampton, Gwyneth McIntosh, Sarah Phillips, Monique Salez, Tonya Winton, and Denise Yeo

Amity Skala – Soloist

And the students of Alma de España

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What people said about Pasajes:

“(We) loved the performance… (Amity’s) solo was stunning. Company dancing was gorgeous. Such variety. Then Pasajes section. Omg, what a storyline for Veronica to portray. Thrilling standing ovation too!” – Philomena

“Congratulations for a beautiful evening.” – Caroline

“It was an AMAZING show. Congratulations!” – Kimberley

“(T)he show was amazing – I kept thinking how in love with Flamenco I am…” – Trudie

“What a world-class presentation!” – Paul

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show! I’m so glad I came.” – Greg

“Congratulations on Pasajes!! It was a superb show. Amity and the school performers were great and the second part of the show was mind-blowing. Veronica and all the guest artists were such high caliber performers. Pasajes is the best flamenco show that Johnny and I have seen. Thank you for bringing this to us!!” – Marta

“The program was totally mesmerizing and very powerful. So glad we attended” – Jim

“Wonderful show last night!” – Marie

“Fantastic performances from everyone!” – Kendra

“It truly was AMsZING!!!!” – Mirella

“What a wonderful evening – so proud of our ‘corps’ and all the performers!!” – Rem