Class Descriptions and Levels

Beginner flamenco: Introduction to basic rhythms, dance styles, footwork, posture and movement. It is recommended to take two classes a week for fast progress.

Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced: Study of all forms, including footwork, upper body style, turns, palmas, and choreography (except classes labelled “technique”).

Open level classes: Elementary to Advanced level students welcome.

Cante class: Learn flamenco songs and how they work with the dance.

Palmas class: Learn flamenco clapping rhythms for dance, cante & guitar accompaniment.

Bata de cola: Dancing in a long skirt with a train. Skirts available for rent or sale.

Pre-coaching: Develop skills needed to dance all fiesta pieces as solos during class (tangos, bulerias, fandangos, & sevillanas)

Coaching class (Limited class size)

  • Intermediate and Advanced students only
  • Focus on preparing solo work for cuadro
  • Not available for making up classes
  • Due to the limited number of students allowed in each coaching class, the cost is calculated as two hours on the fee schedule
  • Pre-requisites: minimum three years’ flamenco experience, willingness to perform, ability to dance all fiesta pieces as solos (tangos, bulerias, fandangos, & sevillanas)

Kids’ classes: Flamenco fun and basics for kids. Level 1: 10-12 yr. with no flamenco experience. Level 2: Experience required, placement at teachers’ discretion

Important: Classes missed can be made up in other classes and are expected to be completed within the term.