On Saturday, July 9, 2011 at the Royal Theatre in Victoria BC, Alma de España Flamenco Dance Company celebrated 20 years of Flamenco in Victoria. “RECUERDOS” was a brilliant Flamenco extravaganza including singers, dancers and musicians, in addition to several guest artists. This Anniversary Gala was a performance of vivid colours, syncopated rhythms and authentic passion. Dynamic choreography explored the essence and roots of Flamenco in an evening to remember.

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In memory

In 1990, Harry Owen and his wife, flamenco dancer Veronica Maguire, moved to Victoria where they co-founded Alma de España Flamenco Dance Company and School.

Throughout his career, Harry maintained and perfected the traditional sound of flamenco guitar. This dedication and passion captivated and enthralled his audiences wherever he performed.

Harry was a pillar of the flamenco community in Victoria and, even though a few months have already passed since his death, it wouldn’t seem right not to honour him somehow on this site. His talent and passion for flamenco and his knowledge of the art form live on in our community, just as his lovely, loving spirit remains forever in the hearts of all who knew him. He was a dear friend to many of us and we will never stop missing him.

“Harry brought so much joy to people through his music.” – Norah Garyali

“He was easily the best flamenco dance accompanist in the country… There’s nobody like him, period. He was easily the best guitarist I ever saw play… He embodied the concept of musicianship.” – Tyl van Toorn


Veronica Maguire – Flamenco Dancer/Choreographer

Domingo Ortega – Flamenco Dancer

Maria Bermudez – Flamenco Dancer

Miguel Rosendo – Flamenco Singer

Antonio de Jerez – Flamenco Singer

Jesus Alvarez – Flamenco Guitarist

Gareth Owen – Flamenco Guitarist

Jo Ann C. Dalisay – Pianist

Nicholas Pearce – Visual Artist

Amity Skala – Soloist

And the students of Alma de España

What people said about Recuerdos 

“There is so much beauty in flamenco and I think we really expressed a lot in that show. I mean that we expressed more than just beauty!!! There were lots of grievous tears as well.” – Jan

“You just “Blow Me Away” with all your talent!!” – Dorothy

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the show on Saturday. It was very entertaining and truly authentic… Bravo!!” – Voula

“I loved being part of the show; it was a real honour and joy for me.” – Erin

“Yours was an amazing show last night. I’m still buzzing from it !! You all did so wonderfully well and you had the audience mesmerised!” – John

“All my family and everyone I spoke to loved the show. And I can tell they really mean it.” – Norah

“Thank you – new memories were made last night. We really enjoyed ourselves at the performance…” – Stephen

“WOW! What an amazing performance!” – Adrienne

“Wow, wow, wow!! What an incredible performance we were treated to on Saturday night!!” – Suzie and Ed

“This show is a major highlight of life for me personally and for Flamenco here in our small town. What a wonderful memory for all of us!” – Kathy

“Ole guapas! Great show…” – Monique

“How wonderful to celebrate 20 years of Flamenco in our little Victoria! How amazing to see and hear those Jerez folks on our stage! What a wonderful memorial for Harry- he’d have been so proud…” – Paul

“The show was WONDERFUL.” – Sarah

“Everyone we’ve spoken to loved the show – they loved the lighting, Nick’s art, choreography – all of it!” – Tonya

Which number was your favourite? “The one where Amity was in the white dress, playing castanets, she was like an angel”. – Katya

“Congratulations for an absolutely out of this world performance!!!!!!!” – Linda

“I don’t want it to be over! What an amazing show last night.” – Dawn L.