Gareth Owen


Gareth Owen blends traditional Flamenco guitar with his own original style. A talented young guitarist, from Canada’s West Coast, he is one of the privileged few North Americans born into the world of Flamenco. As the son of Flamenco guitarist, the late Harry Owen and dancer Veronica Maguire, Gareth plays with the instinct and raw intensity that comes from truly having the music in his blood. From an early age he has been immersed in the rhythms of Flamenco, performing professionally alongside his family and the Alma de España Flamenco Dance Company. In 2001, at the age of 12, Gareth participated in the CD recording of Alma de España’s “Flamenco Live” at Victoria’s McPherson Playhouse Theatre. In 2008, Gareth recorded his first solo album, “Gareth Owen Flamenco Guitar” live at the Alix Goolden Performance Hall in Victoria, B.C. Gareth’s most recent CD recording, “El Cobre”, with Flamenco singer Antonio de Jerez, has just been released (2010).

Gareth’s talent, technical ability and the way he draws the music from his very soul has earned acclaim at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, the Victoria Conservatory Festival of Music Summer Guitar Academy and his first sold out solo concert in 2006. Gareth has performed throughout British Columbia, including touring of the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. He has participated in concerts presented by the Arts Council in the Queen Charlotte Islands, the University Theatre in Calgary and the 2008 Toronto International Flamenco Festival. With Alma de España he has performed at the 2009 Vancouver International Flamenco Festival and the 2009 Dawson City Music Festival.

Gareth continues to return to Jerez de la Frontera, the heartland of Flamenco, to absorb the Spanish culture and traditions, and play for many of the local singers and dancers at Peña Los Cernicalos.   More recently he spent 6 months in Jerez where he performed occasionally in Tablao ‘El Lagar’ while furthering his studies with guitarists Jesus Alvarez, Pasqual de Lorca, Pepe del Morao, Manuel Jero, and the legendary Niño Jero. Today, Gareth draws on the inspiration of many of today’s great Flamenco guitarists.

Gareth creates a style that is all his own and maintains the essential spirit and traditions of pure Flamenco.