Gerarado Alcalá

Gerardo Alcalá, flamenco guitarist born in New Orleans, is one of the few foreigners to be respected as a full-fledged Flamenco artist by the gypsy Flamencos of Andalucia. He learned his art from the masters: Rafael del Aguila, Parrilla de Jerez, Niño Jero, Rafael Alarcón, Eduardo de la Malena and Pedro Bacán. He has performed professionally in major theatres on three continents, including Carnegie Hall, as well as for television, radio and film. In the U.S. he toured with the Spanish dance companies of José Molina and Teo Morca and did many recitals with the legendary Anzonini del Puerto.

In Spain, he performed with the all-gypsy company of Fernanda Romero and has had a particularly long and close relationshp with the Agujetas family, including Manuel Agujetas, who preserves the deepest and purest singing in Spain. With them, he was featured as sole accompanist in the prestigious Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and in the Dutch film Duende. In 1990, he was honoured to become the first North American ever to be contracted to perform as a soloist in the Bienal de Sevilla, Spain’s most important Flamenco festival. Gerardo’s style represents a return to a more raw, traditional way of feeling and playing Flamenco. Based primarily in the school of Jerez, it is sparse and full of the silences which allow the notes to be injected with great emotion.