David Owen (1949-2016)

David Owen was involved in flamenco for over 30 years, studying flamenco guitar for several months with El Rubio in Ronda, Spain, and with Guillermo Basilisco in London, England. He began playing guitar with his older brother, Harry Owen, in Vancouver in 1971. They soon discovered that their passion and innate talent to play together was a magical experience. Touring together as a duo throughout Canada in the late 70′s and early 80′s, they appeared on many national and local television shows. David continued to play for local flamenco groups in the Toronto area. In the early 90′s he and Jesse Cook were part of a flamenco group called “Candela”. David had a passionate feel for flamenco guitar and how it should be played in the purest sense.  David passed away suddenly in March 2016.