Alma de España welcomes Juan de Marias

Juan de Marias


EDUCATION: Juan Carreras (aka ‘Juan de Marias’) was born in Barcelona, Spain where he started his musical studies as a classical guitarist in 1969, and years later began the study of flamenco guitar with several teachers including Andres Batista in Madrid, Niño de las Cuevas, Antonio Francisco and Luis Verdu in Barcelona, Emilio Maya and Miguel Angel Cortes in Granada.

In August of 2002 he was awarded a Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to study in Spain with Manuel Lozano “El Carbonero” in Jerez and Escuela 7 Hermanos in Barcelona.  He has also studied cante (singing) in Seville with Esperanza Fernandez and Jesus Corbacho.


Juan has worked as both soloist and accompanist for numerous singers and dancers.

Juan has performed in Spain, England, Chile, United States and Canada. He is a regular performer at the flamenco circles in Vancouver as a soloist and with his troupe ‘Mimbre Flamenco’. He also teaches flamenco guitar and in December of 2004 released his first album “Mimbre” featuring his compositions and arrangements of several popular flamenco styles.

He is constantly looking for new forms of expression with other music influences such as the recent work in collaboration with opera simger Diana Diaz, violinist Roxana Avalos-Calderon and Indian sarode virtuoso Anupam Shobhakar.

His work has been also choreographed and presented at the prestigious Palau de la Música in Barcelona, Spain.

Juan will be accompanying some classes at Alma de España in the 2015/16 class year and teaching the cante (singing) class.

Find out more about Juan de Marias at his website.

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